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Revitalize with EMSELLA.

Discover the innovative EMSELLA, designed to address urinary issues for both men and women while providing assistance in male sexual health.
Explore the simplicity of EMSELLA treatments, where electromagnetic waves stimulate muscle contractions while you comfortably sit on the device. With no pain or discomfort, this non-invasive solution is optimal for individuals dealing with urinary incontinence and seeking improved sexual health. Regain control and embrace a fuller, more confident life with EMSELLA.

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  • What Could I Expect from a Treatment Session?

    You may feel the sensation of the pulses, but there is absolutely no pain or discomfort associated with treatment. One 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 kegel exercises.

  • Am I A Good Candidate?

    Optimal for urinary incontinence and sexual health – men and women with realistic goals.

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    The changes your body experiences should not limit you from enjoying the life you want! Contact us to learn more about EMSELLA!


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