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If Acne Has Been Plaguing You, Now Is the Time to Find a Solution.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that causes blemishes on the face, back, chest, or upper arms. Having acne can be very upsetting. You may feel less attractive. And it may seem as though your skin will never clear up. In time, your acne may go away by itself. But treatment can help to control your acne now.

How You Get Acne?

Acne begins inside the hair follicles under the surface of your skin. Oil glands that open into the hair follicles release too much oil (sebum), often due to hormonal changes. Sebum and skin cells then clog the pores (tiny openings on your skin). Bacteria can then get trapped in the follicles, leading to swelling and acne blemishes. When the gland is overproducing sebum, bacteria increase, and inflammation occurs. The by-product of the infective source (p.acnes) creates inflammation, and millions of bacteria are trapped in the congested pores. The occurrence is linked to biological changes and rising hormone levels during puberty.

Acne Treating Needham

There are 4 distinct grades of Acne, all of which should be treated so that they do not become more infected. Each stage has a different type of treatment.
● Grade 1 is predominately blackheads (open comedones) and whiteheads (closed comedones) with occasional inflammatory lesions, with generally less than 25 lesions on each side of the face.
● Grade 2 is the most deceptive and hardest to treat. The face is studded with multiple whiteheads, with inflammatory lesions anywhere from 50-100 on each side of the face. Treatment requires chemical exfoliation to force the whiteheads to open up.
● Grade 3 is the most common and recognized as active acne, with whiteheads and blackheads, 7-100 pustules or papules on the side of the face. This grade responds well to topical solutions, and systemic drugs are not needed.
● Grade 4 or cystic acne can be severe and disfiguring. One will see the entire spectrum of acne lesions in the type. There is severe inflammation, the face becomes red and purplish, and the face can be painful. Severe inflammation may lead to scarring.● 

  • Acne Treatments

    Parents and teens should be aware of different types of treatments and be aware of medications, such as Accutane, which, although successful in treating acne, has been linked to many adverse side effects, which could further complicate a teen's approach to how they feel. Over-the-counter acne medications may be inexpensive, as well as those purchased over the Internet or on TV, but all should be evaluated to determine percentages of active ingredients vs. fillers in each product.
    Treatments start with an individual consultation that includes proper skin analysis and an explanation of how genetics, stress, diet, and use of over-the-counter products can aggravate acne-prone skin. Based on the individual, recommendations for corrective clinical treatments will be explored.

  • Stages of Acne

     Normal follicle● Open Comedo (blackhead)● Closed Comedo (whitehead) Papule● Pustule

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