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DermaSound. The Ultrasonic Facial.

Looking for a facial suitable for skin prone to acne, sensitive, and/or with fine lines & wrinkles? DermaSound is the ultrasonic facial for you.
The DermaSound is good for deep cleaning acne, increasing collagen production, and enhancing the tone and texture of the skin.
DermaSound is a gentle, non-invasive facial for all skin types. Whether you have acne or mature skin, even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this facial without any significant redness as a result of the facial.
Medical studies report a significant improvement in your skin after just one treatment.
The application of low-frequency sound waves will increase cellular turnover, plump up, and also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while increasing hydration, evening your skin tone, improving acne, and tightening enlarged pores.
Even though sound waves penetrate your skin, they won’t cause any discomfort or side effects and will make the process highly effective, causing no downtime, redness, or pain.

Derma Sound in Needham
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  • Benefits of DermaSound

    Acne: The ultrasound vibration of the DermaSound facial will help to break the deposits of oil, dirt, and dead cells. The Ultrasonic frequency of DermaSound has proven to kill the bacteria that congest the skin, resulting in cleaner, more healthy skin.
    Fine Lines & Wrinkles: DermaSound will help to stimulate and promote collagen production to create more youthful skin. Skincare products are gently driven into the skin with ultrasound waves.
    Sensitive Skin: DermaSound is the facial for your sensitive skin. It is gentle and non-irritating. You can be assured that exfoliating your sensitive skin with Derma Sound will be safe.
    All ages: The DermaSound is safe for all ages and skin type.

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